As A CEO, Founder And Business Leader, It Can Be Lonely At The Top.

Everyone Is Depending On You And The Pressure Can Get Intense At Times.

Who Do You Reach Out To For Support?

Your Friends Won’t Understand You.

Who Do You Talk About Your Business Challenges?

You Cannot Confide In Your Employees.

Who Do You Derive Clarity From On Your Next Big Leap?

Your Spouse And Your Family Members Are Worried But There’s Nothing That They Can Do.

One of the smartest things you can do is to

Ask for help from a business coach and a community of business leaders who have been there and done that. Especially the ones who are on the journey of massive transformational growth.

That’s When You’ll Quickly See With Clarity And The Journey Of Business Growth Does Not Need To Be So Far.

When You’re Surrounded By A Business Coach And A Powerful Network Of Growth-Focused Entrepreneurs That Understands Your Goals And Your Vision, You’ll Shoot To The Top So Much Faster.

Asking For Support Is Not A Weakness.

It Is A Sign Of Strength And What The Most Successful Business Leaders Do.

With Growth Mastermind, we are here to help you take charge of your business growth through an accountability-driven and action-oriented framework. This platform features top entrepreneurs as your dedicated business coach.




Who's this for?

If you’ve

created great success

but you are still working ridiculous hours, sacrificing your passion and family.

If you’ve

had some sales traction

(at least RM1 million annual revenue), but you can’t seem to make that next big leap.

If you

feel lonely

both at work and in your personal life.

If you’re

trying to make hard decisions

by yourself without the support from someone who’s been there done that.

If you’re

feeling overwhelmed

with everything you’re trying to manage in your business.

If you’re


both at work and in your personal life.

If you’re

trying to lead

rather than doing everything in your business yourself.

If you’ve

plateaued for months

(or even years) and you’re feeling stuck and burned out.

If you

know your business could be a lot bigger

and more successful than it is now (but you don’t know how).

If you

feel the urgency of wanting to achieve your big dreams

but you lack the step-by-step process to get there.

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Years Experience

If you’re a business leader looking to scale your company and maximise your potential, you've got some awfully large goals on your to-do list. Those goals can be completely achievable - if you’ve the right kind of support and guidance in place.

Growing a business to the $1 million mark and then scaling it to $10 million or $20 million, and beyond takes specialised knowledge and a specific skill set from someone who has been there themselves.

You’ll face the problem that you’ve never experienced before.

  • Challenges

  • Pitfalls

  • Sticking Points

  • Growing Pains

With an experienced business coach and successful entrepreneurs sharing their experience and guiding you towards success, you can get to where you want to go within a shorter period of time.

Our Growth Mastermind members multiply their revenue and profits per and over again. In fact, many of them stay year-after-year because after working with Growth Mastermind, they cannot imagine doing it alone again.


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Private Coaching & Advisory Board Of Entrepreneurs

Growth Mastermind is a Business Coaching platform to help business owners take charge of their business growth through an accountability-driven and action-oriented framework. This platform features top entrepreneurs as your dedicated business coach

Private 1-To-1 Consulting

Your business coach will spend one full dedicated hour every month with you to talk things out on business gains, address any challenges and solve roadblocks.

Your Private Advisory Board

Connect with a tribe of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who support and motivate each other and hold every member accountable for the goals they set.

Bi-Monthly Learning Events

Tap into the knowledge, wisdom and advice of top entrepreneurs so that you can shortcut the learning curve by leveraging on their experiences for success in your industry.

Habit Tracking

Your daily vituals determine your results. You’ll be mentored and monitored with habits that will make you a better leader. And these are habits that you can instil in your business to create high-performance teams.


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